Bamboo Flute Artist

Shantala has been imparting vocal music, Flute playing and sol kattu [vocal rhythm] training to many students across the globe. Many a students reside with her from time to time and learn extensively in the traditonal way.

She teaches in person as well as online via Skype. Please feel free to write to for lessons.

Here are some clippings of her students playing flute and singing:

Chetana, born and raised in Seattle, WA has been learning vocal music under Shantala for over 2 years now. She is equally good in violin playing and is a disciple of Shri. Raman Iyer and presently Kum. A. Kanyakumari

Anushree Puttur, a serious student of music until a few years ago is now pursuing medicine. Music continues to remain her passion. Here is a clipping of her rendering Pakkala nilabadi set to  Karaharapriya ragam.

Swathi Ramaprasad, a student at UC Berkely, presented a composition of her dad Shri. Ramaprasad at her debut concert in 2017.